Dark Apocalypse

Open-sourced fun? Probably not.
Since the DA hub was removed for 'copyright infringement' and the only option I was presented was to make a new hub and rebuild the player base(even though the infringing content was deleted), I figured that the least I could do is release the source.

Most of the work here is two-three years old(most code provided was altered at some point in time). Some of the work is more recent and much cleaner. Tons of fixes, updates, features, and hard work put into this zeta clone. Hopefully this at least allows for a higher quality sort of zeta rips. Take the whole thing, scavenge it, pick and choose, study; whatever you may wish. I don't intend on progressing this any further myself.

[EDIT 05/28/2015]: I re-released the source with the following fixes:
Hair/acessories should no longer appear over auras.
Green lines around the quickaction buttons in ooc(whisper/admin buttons) fixed/removed.
Can no longer heal by transforming/reverting.\

To host on this hub, remove the "//" from "//hub_password = "Flopykegk1z0e"", in the DA.dm file.
Fixed the Code preventing launch, coded myself in. Server up and running again!