I've downloaded the full version of Opera for the Nintendo Wii. Let me say this now, it is a HUGE improvement.

  1. Now YouTubes progress bar actually shows the progress while it loads.
  2. Watch YouTube videos, full screen.
  3. 4chan is now usable.
  4. Configure it to use a proxy.
  5. Hide the grey nav bar.
  6. Select between Google, or Yahoo! for your default search engine.
  7. Clear Cookies.
  8. Manual Zooming, with text that is viewable the entire time.

Tabs are still missing, but it's still impressive.
Yeah I downloaded it also and its impressive, but I still wish for some kind of right-clicking options..Oh well, its still prety decent for TV web surfing though :D Meh, they had some kind of page that allowed you to have tabs on the wii browser but it didn't work exactly perfect..