I'll be needing wireless access where my current wireless router can't reach soon. My current plan is to link two wireless routers together via ethernet. Kind of like the diagram below.

0 = wireless router
- = ethernet
/|\ = wireless signal

/|\ /|\

Would this be at all possible? I cant just use a normal wireless access point, unless it has at least 4 normal ethernet ports on it. And, supports 802.11B AND 802.11G. Even if a wireless access point like that existed, I would feel safer getting a router the same as my current one, because I know it works with my Wii and DS.
It should work if you either:

A: Turn the second router to switch mode(Most routers have this ability) or

B: Plug the ethernet cord from router 1 to the Internet slot in router 2. The only problem with this method is that you get the double firewall effect.
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some routers also have a 'repeater' mode (belkins and d-links do, if i recall) which should achieve the same effect.
Alright. Thanks Danial.Beta and digitalmouse.

Next time I'm in town and have the money I'll pick up another router, and give it a go. I'll be sure to ask if it doesn't do what I want, would I be fine to return it.