Naruto Reborn

by Dragonpearl123
Naruto Reborn
Let the games begin!

Naruto Reborn

Updates are located inside game in Command/Help/Update

This game is Naruto fan based and it holds anime features of awesome shows. The Ultimate Naruto experience.

Main Owner/Head : Dragonpearl123

Head Admin/Game Supervisor

Online Staff and Staff information can be found on the game.
This HUB is Basic you want to know what the game is going through. Please log in, and check it out.All Updates, and Credits for people who have worked on this source through the years is listed in the game files for all to see. Enjoy the game.

We do not take credit from the anime Naruto
i would plz like to be your admin i swear i wont abuse or noting i would love it to be your admin , i will do some Spriting.
so it shall be done!