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Meh, i might get DQ8 tommorow, i'm choosing from 8 games i can only get three some of the choices are RE4(Ps2), DMC 3, MGS 3, DQ8, and some other games, so if i don't get it tommorow, i'm most likley getting it for my birthday(Jan 18) if i decide not to reserve a Ps3. :P

So where do you get your drugs? I vistied not only 4 stores in my city, and in the surrounding cities... But also like 3 dozen online stores, none of them offer a reserve order for the PlayStation 3 yet.
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Meh, the store i go to, you can reserve them. lol
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I went to WalMart, Kmart, Shopko, Sam Goody, Best Buy, SAMS..

I also checked out,,, and even Liksang [I usually dont use them, they are too expensive, but they always are on top of preorders].

Plus a bunch of weird, out of the way mom and pop stores and web sites that carry really weird, rare stuff for me.

Its the same thing, no one knows what the price is for the Sony PlayStation 3, and no one I know, who always has preorders are taking any yet.

I hope you didn't give them any money yet, because it sounds more like, you are on a list, to be called when the preorders start.

I was even at GameStop the other day, when they usually don't mind taking your money for anything and even they said they have no idea when preorders will begin.
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Is that "FFXII demo included" thing part of the art or whatever, or is it removable? That would drive me crazy to have it there >_> especially if the demo is as bad as everyone says :P
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