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as RAZ3R put it:

click on link, go back, click on next link, go back...
till you have all 5 books in basket..
then click proceed
enter info such as name, address, and fake company name :
and you have yourself all intel docs in hard copy within a few weeks

he said that one of his friends in america got the books in a week

almost better than free ubuntu cd's being shipped :)

Looks good. Already orderd mine. Just waiting.
I did this about a week ago, and I just got an e-mail from Intel saying my order has been shipped. In that e-mail was a tracking number, and according to, my order will arrive in three days :)
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So... this is legal right?
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I just got mine, and I think its legal.
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It's perfectly legal, in the same way that Microsoft offers free access to their MSDN Library (though in their case, they mooch by expecting a subscription for their better services, such as copies of the Library on CDs/DVDs, or access and copies of betaware and trialware). Intel wants people writing software for their processors, because if people buy software written for Intel processors, then they must naturally own an Intel processor to begin with. Likewise, Microsoft wants people writing software for Windows.

Using a fake company name, however, as suggested in the original post, is fraud and highly illegal. Doing so can land you some serious fines (assuming Intel cared enough to press legal action, which is admittedly rare). For fullest safety, I'd recommend using "n/a" as your company if you aren't an incorporated developer.
Got mine a weeks or so ago, took about five days in all. Good stuff.
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Yeah. They are a good read.

The ASM in them is kinda scary though. :( I hope to learn it one day.
Order from: 1,,51_52_3592_702%5e735,00.html?1121909722

Basicly, It's the same deal as the Intel ones. Just not as easy. You have to manually get the book ID's and enter them your self. The links to the books are on the main page.

Only problem I can see is, US and Canada only. :(
did you put your real name or a fake name (especially for last name)?
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Xukinugo wrote:
did you put your real name or a fake name (especially for last name)?

I put my real name. I dont see any reason not to,
Grr... "HTTP 500 Internal server error" after I click "Submit Order".