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Likin' the avatar!
Haha, thank you. I thought it was adorable. ^-^
I used to use Solomn Architect, but I've move on from it after I bought my membership, deciding to use BYOND as my female self. I'm transgender, so it's more comfortable. Why do you ask?
I was wondering as well, now I know.


We all have our preferences. Mind just happen to be less orthadox than most. Lol.
I was more referencing that you just kind of appeared on BYOND in late May but were very knowledgeable about a lot of stuff (code and whatnot) and I'm just like "either this chicks a savant, or I'm a moron and took way too long to learn this stuff" XD

Rofl. Yeah, I think I've been programming for about 7+ years now. Been here pretty much that whole time under one key or another. My earlier, much more immature self, I'm vastly unproud of. Lol. Seriously, I read my earlier stuff sometimes and go, "God, I wanna hit that kid..."
I know that feeling. In the wise words of Leonard Church: "You are a god damn idiot, and I can prove this mathematically. Take your age, now subtract ten years from it. Were you smart back then? No. You were a god damn idiot. Fact of the matter is, you could be a god damn idiot today, it's just going to take you ten years to realize it."
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Kats wrote:

Wise words.
Hi there?
"hey bb u wan sum fk"
Keep up the great work! You've motivated me :)
This is purely guesswork based on avatars, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only furry into game design.

If I got that wrong, I apologize greatly.
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You're not, it's just what it is. Never really been shy about who I am. I've known everyone for almost 8 years now, though, so it's not like I'm uncomfortable with it.
Good to know; was kinda worried for a moment. I tend to guess wrong when it comes to people, and it usually comes back to bite me.

On another note, I am jealous of the pure quality in that avatar picture. Never have I ever been able to draw something that well.
I didn't draw it, but I could change it to something I did draw... probably wouldn't be a bad idea. I haven't changed it in a while.