Ninja Story Online

by Abrax
Ninja Story Online
Different from everything you have ever seen.
Hi guys, this is Edit Nero on Nyheats key. Nyheat was involved in a car accident and is recovering and will be gone for awhile while he focuses on recovering, school and work. I(Edit Nero) have also gotten a job that takes up most of my time but I(Edit Nero) have been working on NSO in my spare time and will continue to do so while Nyheat is recovering. Me and Nyheat would like to say sorry for not letting you guys know anything for such a long time. But Nyheat and I(Edit Nero) have decided to take NSO in a different direction, formally known as "Naruto Story Online" will now be called "Ninja Story Online" and we will be making this a original ninja game that is inspired by Naruto. I(Edit Nero) will be posting screenshots later to let yall see the progress I have made.
Regards, Nero.


Here are the screenshots as promised.

The explosions are one of Fire's moves where the player creates multiple fire balls from above that rain down and explode.
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This is one of Air's moves.
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There is multiple skills in this one, the spikes are a skill for Ice Manipulators, the ones down below are for Earth users.
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No, it isn't the code causing the freezes for anyone wondering. It's my PC freezing from recording with fraps with multiple programs open atm.

If there's anything you (Edit Nero) and Ny need, let me know. You have my skype.
Looks pretty amazing so far. XD
Naruto Universe art... Did you get permission?
In response to Branks
Yes, we bought it.