While looking around, I found this maze. It's made with CSS and no java script. All I can say is, it owns.

You can cheat, by dragging the little guy onto the finish spot.
That's really neat.
How could you possibly win at that maze without dragging?!

And yeah it's cool.
In response to DeathAwaitsU
hidden doors. I haven't found them, i just cheat. but in the rules it says that there are hidden doors.
In response to Popisfizzy
I won it fair and square.
In response to Scoobert
Yeah, it isnt too hard.
In response to Popisfizzy
Oh right...yeah won it too.
In response to DeathAwaitsU
You should always read the directions :P! And i got it too.
In response to DeathAwaitsU
When you get to a certain point, doors show. :P
Wow. I have no idea how that works, but it is seriously cool. =)

And yeah, it's not too hard to win without cheating.