Ok, Im going to tell you how to run chatters on xbox. Im not going indepth, its just a simple guide.

Steps are as follows:

1. Mod your xbox, be it a soft mod, TSOP flash or a modchip. It does not matter. You can get tutorials on how to do each of the above here

2. Download and install an xbox linux disto, or use a live cd. You can get them from here

3. Run the terminal, type "telnet" and then "open 6001"

4. Enjoy
Yes, but I heard that x-box linux could be used without a MOD chip, besides if you have xbox live and do this you will not be able to play XBOX Live while you have linux installed right?

Thats what it says on there site.
Screenshots pleesh ^^

<s>Right now, digi's version is down. You can connect via:</s>

digitalmouse's server is back online.

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You can install linux with any kind of mod.

You *can* still use live, but you will get banned. But there are other free alternatives to live.
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Smoko wrote:
You can install linux with any kind of mod.

You *can* still use live, but you will get banned. But there are other free alternatives to live.

Some mods can be disabled so you can use live.
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While they can be disabled, they are not 100% fail safe.

So, your better off not using live at all if you are planing on modding your xbox.
Ok, Sorry I took so long getting the pics. But I couldnt find the softwear for my mobile phone.

Anyways, here they are:
Image hosted by

Full Screen:
Image hosted by

TV and Xbox:
Image hosted by
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Why not take screenshots?
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I could never get the Screen Capture working, and I use a live cd. So its to slow to take screen shots and save them :P.
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Hehe, sweet. I see Thorgs name.
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A soft mod means to mod your xbox with out any physcal hardware, a Hard Mod means to mod your xbox with a solder or solderless mod chip.

If your like me, you can get custom hard mods, with a turn off switch installed on your XBOX. So when you play on xbox live, you just turn the mod chip off and its not dectable.
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You can't be banned for softmods unless you use hacked software with them to cheat.

Has anyone tired to install the Linux version of Byond on XBox? Since you can use a keyboard and mouse, it might be doable.
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Thats what he did. Heh.
Anyway, you can also run Windows 98 on Xboxen so in theory amore impressive picture would be running Windows BYOND on the Xbox :)
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Maz wrote:
Thats what he did. Heh.

Well, he installed Linux, but he didn't actually install BYOND -- he used telnet. =P
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I have installed linux, but not for these pictures.
I used an Xebian Live CD.

When I can get DamnSmallLinux working, I'll be sure to get pics running DS through 98, and plain old DreamSeeker Linux.
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Uh, yeah you can get Xbox to run Windows 98 if you have extra ram installed and dont mind doing anything but word pad processing, because its only good for a few small apps, if that.

If installing Windows 98 on my Xbox allowed me to play Fallout 2, or even Byond or something, I would have already done it, but the system is buggy, prone to crashes and incompabaility.

And actully, even soft modding your xbox will get you banned from Xbox Live if you try connecting to Xbox Live while havine a Soft Mod running, even if it IS orginal material playing or not.

M$ really frowns upon any form of mods.
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Eaven adding a switch isnt that safe.

It's possible you wont get banned with a switch, and no extra files on the C:\ partition though.