I finished a clients site recently, Im happy with it.

It's 100% XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2 Valid.

Link here

Comments and suggestion please.
Well, for one thing, you're specifying fixed font sizes, as opposed to relative ones. For example, you're setting #content's font-size to 11px instead of, say, 50%. If it was done in percentages, then users could resize the website at will using CTRL + MouseWheel or View > Text Size. When specifying size, relative values like "small" or "50%" should be used.
Wow! Thats actually a pretty nice layout, I like the greenness! What do you charge for layouts like those? i'd be interested in one.
In response to Jermman
Im getting around 50 AUD for this one.

My prices are negotialble though (as in you make an offer, and I say if I like it, or give you one to think about). Email [email protected] if you want more details
That looks pretty good for a CSS table based layout, though I might suggest a different background that one makes the layout look kind of bland.
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Uhh, They are DIVs you know?