Dead State

by Evi of au

Early combat gameplay video - <-- click for fullsize image <-- click for fullsize image

Dead State is a tactical turn based RPG. Set a few months into the zombie apocalypse, your goal is to survive. Community and base building are core aspects to the game, and essential to your post-apoc survival. You are in charge of every aspect of your groups survival. I have pages and pages of notes, and if everything goes according to plan than this should be a very very deep game.

Updates since demo:
* client saving/loading (username and password based)
* world saving/loading (accounts, bases, etc.)
* weapon/equipables framework (currently 4 melee and 3 guns)
* Survivor combat stats (level, strength, intelligence, agility, luck, leadership)
* Mission system framework (3 current missions built, but I made it extremely easy for me to add many more when the time comes.)
* Random Encounter framework (You never know whats gonna happen!)
* Random survivor generator and statroll (with logic)

- Turnlist hud on the left
- melee and range weapons and AI working
- multiple factions in one battle with or without alliances.
- XP, Leveling
- many bug fixes and tweaks since demo.

- Random loot framework (every mission will have loot to obtain, adding a third dimension to battle.)
- stockpiling resources (see above)
- base facility building (med area, sleep area, farm, munitions workshop etc.)
- perma-death for survivors in your group. Also, recruiting in some of the (ALLREADY IMPLEMENTED), random encounters.
- Hunger/Thirst/Hygene (not sure exactly how I want to do this yet.)

Well that's it for now, I work a lot this week but I'm still going strong. Feel free to post comments, questions, complaints and especially feedback and suggestions!
Just to add: All graphics are placeholders only. My plan is to create a near completed game before searching for an artist. Also I forgot to mention that there is a TON to do with the UI (user interface), so this is far from what it will look like. The way I see it, when its fun to play - than I should have no trouble finding someone willing to do original art.
Looks nice even with placeholders!
Thanks bud!
Fallout with zombies, sounds fun
Thanks! Added a short youtube video of current battle system.
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Evi of au wrote:
Thanks! Added a short youtube video of current battle system.

I shall take a look. good luck with your project. and welcome back to Byond :)
...Evi is back? Wow! Someone I never thought I'd meet! Welcome back.
:) Nice to meet you! Now follow my game!
Evi! Keep it up buddy =).
Nice to see you again man!
it is a pretty good game, Im thinking it could use an inventory system for the found loot. each character should have a separate inv. also if you wanted, you could go the "The Last of Us" route and let the looted food & water go towards building a survival encampment. it would give some direction instead of just kill zombie here (you would have to meet a certain quota of food/water for your camp depending on the number of survivors holed up in it) plus there could be special events (saving a survivor or fighting off raiders)

just some suggestions :P

Thats the route I am currently going. Build up base and yes every survivor will have thier own backpack and carrying capacity. Thanks for the comment!
It's been a while since I last saw anything worth commenting on.

Good Job!
Good work so far, but I just wanted to point out that there's already a game on Steam called Dead State; you might want to consider a title change to avoid potential copyright issues.
Yep I found that out after I named it. Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions.