That intro is... stunning. This is phenomenal work you've done.
I wish I understood the text.
Sorry for my terrible Polish.

Someone who protects the oppressed
Someone who does not flinch from words(?)
Someone who dedicates himself to make the world a better place
Coming face to face with death (?)
The Hero does not fight for glory
Even when all the world embraces darkness (?)
He will not (?)
When the time becomes good (???)
He will never change
Even should everyone forget about it
You will not be sorry you walked the path
living in seclusion
Walking arm in arm with sadness and suffering
He will not give up (?)
On his shoulder he will bear the burden of creation (???)
This is the person who is called

I had to guess at some parts. What little I could manage using my own skills wasn't enough, I had to look a lot of this up. Great Grandmother only cursed at me in Polish, so what I can remember is not particularly helpful.
A little verbose, but baby steps! The intro sequence looks fantastic. I'm so used to BYOND games not having any kind of an intro, so this is literally and infinite factorial better.
It's a nice use of animate() and maptext, really simple, but really effective.
Thanks, you all for your kind words. It makes me want to work.
I love simple solutions.

Is possible, to make my project to exe, and run it without install BYOND?
Send a message to the supprt form. Lummox has an exe solution available to interested parties.
Hi i have big problem, becouse i don't know when but change program to open BYOND's rsc.
I try repair it but it wont work.
And i try reinstal BYOND and its dont help my. :( 7f577eecafab05ee6ac1a523fe3387fc.gif
You shouldn't need to directly open your rsc file for any reason anyways, it comes out as nonsense.
So, How to run my game now, from rsc fille? If I try open it's nothing happens.
In response to Marekssj3
Games are run from the .dmb file. Resources like icons and sounds are stored in the .rsc file, so it needs to be in the same folder as the .dmb file for the game to function properly.
Oh thanks, I solved my problem.
I think it's quite an achievement for him to do something like this, learning this in a non-native language and doing more than most English speaking people round here. *Cough*Me*Cough*
Owww sweat, thank you. :) I thought about translate the game to english. But now my English suck. And game is too poor, for ask someone for help. Maybe later. XD

I'm fool, becouse i show you bad demo. This demo have bug(with moveing screen and characters. ) :/ When I return to home i reupload new DEMO.

And please tell me, when I do mistake in my post in english.
In response to Marekssj3
Marekssj3 wrote:
Owww sweet, thank you. :) I thought about translating the game into English, but my English sucks. The game is too under budgeted to ask someone for help, maybe later on. XD

I'm a fool, I released a bad demo. This demo has a bug(with moving screen and characters. ) :/ When I return home, I will reupload a fixed DEMO.

Also, please tell me when I make mistakes in my English on my posts.

Something there still seems off to me, but I gotta get back to work. Break's over.
Great work :-}
This going to be single player?
No, this game will 100% ORPG. For ~50 players, i think.
I thinking about pokemon fire red game style. - Simple script, "from town to town".
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