Hadron++ Particle Engine

by Kats
Full-scale particle library
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[Feel free to skip this, I kinda went on a small rant here.]
On a side note, I had a comment removed from one of your posts by a certain moderator. I stated in the comment(which apparently isn't the part that got it removed), that I believed people wanted this from you mostly because they were too inept to figure it out for themselves, when a lot of what people were wowed by was figured out not long after animate() was introduced. I'm not saying it's anything against you, Kats. Just don't think most of the people asking for the library were wanting it as you intended it to be used(assuming you intended it as a example on how to do these things, or a tool for people who weren't interested in learning themselves). I jokingly referenced a comment in another thread(which is apparently why it was deleted, even though the other thread was a-OK), where someone said particle effects shouldn't be added because it'd be overused. I can see a lot of people, not really knowing what this does or how it really works, just jamming it into their rips and various sources.

I haven't checked the library out yet, but I will here soon. Feedback makes it look promising.
In response to NNAAAAHH
Thanks for the input. If people are asking about the library, there's obviously and interest for it. What interest that is I can't exactly say. Even if someone just picks through the poorly documented code to figure out how it works and learns something new, that's fine with me.

This project was designed like many of my other libraries for personal use. I released it because people asked and I felt no need to keep it hidden from anyone. But in total, this is a project that exists because I wanted to write a particle engine that would potentially be useful for any future games I work on. Never really wrote this to cater to anyone.

And if someone does jam this into their source, which is stupid easy, it's literally a plug-and-play library, then that's fine. I've already disclosed that this library is absolutely not suitable for multiplayer games and if people choose to ignore that, well, I hope they don't wonder why they're at 100% CPU constantly.
I still haven't really looked under the hood, but do you use animate? Wouldn't animate help with CPU usage?
In response to Lavenblade
It would, but there's a problem intrinsically with how the engine times itself that caused a lot of problems with animate().

I had tried using animate() for the alpha settings with the fading functions, but the moment I altered the frame rate or particle animation fidelity, it really screwed the pooch, which is why I opted back for manually tweening the animations.

I did try, though. It just became too much of a headache to manage itself.
- Downloaded and ran demo.
- Proceeded to turn on every effect and click as fast as possible.

10/10 would freeze DreamSeeker again.
In response to Ghaleon
Ghaleon wrote:
- Downloaded and ran demo.
- Proceeded to turn on every effect and click as fast as possible.

10/10 would freeze DreamSeeker again.

All of my this ^

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