by Kevin208
So I've been a Smash Bros. Fan for awhile now, but up until around 3-4 months ago, I've figured out how to play Melee online... and that lead to me practicing advanced skills.. and many hours into trying to do them, which I still can't do.. ANYWAYS! I'm getting off topic, School also started so yeah.. haven't been paying much attention to BYOND, but I need help with Tenkaichi. It's not anything tough, it's just making the overlays for the base icon on a separate icon file to be uh.. matching with the base in terms of the x and y pixel location without the base having to be on the icon file like..

(The first one being the one you send me but with all the animations set)

I'll be drawing the icons, so if anyones willing to just place 'em in the proper position, that'll actually help a lot. Thanks if you could, just pop down a request if you can or message me on my pager!~
then im your brother then?
Yut Put wrote:
anyone who plays melee is my brother

1v1 me in netplay :^)
Yut Put wrote:
i would if my laptop could dolphin melee

your laptop* can't run melee?
Mmmm hmu if you can ever set it up LOL