Here's a sketch I started working on tonight.

Will be continuing it tomorrow. I know there's plenty to fix on it still, I'll post updates :P
dem cheeks
dat booty
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Kumorii wrote:
dat booty

72 ppi!!
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I like 300 :P

Using 300 DPI is a nice thing to be doing for when I do prints.
Okay, here's the promised update. Still got a ways to go lol

i see the ass got better xD
Update for tonight. Got some colors laid down, got more refinement to do.

I don't like the latest version because the booty doesn't contrast as much anymore.
Also just pointing out, you did very well with the hands.
32in. x 66in.

This is huge!! ;3 What kind of print... is this for?
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It is actually 9inx16in. :P

@Kumorii yeah I've still got some more adjusting to do with the colors and stuff. And thanks about the hands :P
I just downloaded the file... it says 32x66.67

That's odd.. redownloaded it and now its 9x16 WHAT BLACK MAGIC IS THIS!!
It is probably giving that measurement based off of a different DPI.

This image is 9x16 300 DPI.

But as for your question, it isn't for a specific print or anything. But a while back I started working in large sizes (usually 16x9 or 9x16) so that they can be used for large prints. Also, making 9x16 images means convenient desktop wallpapers. :P

EDIT: That's weird, lol.
You color like kienan lafferty ;3
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He is indeed my inspiration XD
Wanna work with me albro?

"Nah I'm too busy."

So many talented people, so many lazy ass talented people.
I want to see more of your voice in your art work. This is very Kienan style. I know you have great artistic talent, I have watched you grow for years.

-The booty looks a bit long with the clothes

(I was bored... Hahaha! Then I got tired... sleepy time! Maybe I will finish this tomorrow.)
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I'm fine with being compared to him. I enjoy working in this style, and I'm sure the more I do the more it'll evolve into something that is completely uniquely my own.
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