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4 Elements, which do you choose?
-Added Void Bending, and Blood Bending. (Next is Lightning, Metal, and Ice)
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-20% chance to shake the persons screen from a melee attack.

-Added Day/Night System w/ weather effects. (Credits to Avid)
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-Added a new passive: Second Look. Allows the player to read their opponents stats by double clicking on them.

-Added a new passive for Fighters: Slugger. Allows the user to increase the chance of knockback happening from Melee.

-Added a Credit shop, please refrain from purchasing credits at this time. They will be used to buy custom clothing, NO stat boosts, etc.

-Lightning Road(Tech; WIP) sneak peek
Hey, looks nice.
look like SE moves
Awesome work. The animations are smooth and has a unique look to it. All in all, I'd say an 8.5/10, mostly because it's not full complete I suspect.
blood bender so excited :D thumbs up
how will it work out ?
do u have to start out as water bender to learn blood bending etc ? like Earth bender --> Metal bender?
In response to Ryskahunden
Haven't decided how to obtain sub-bending atm. Open to suggestions :D