by Sennalove
Roleplay World - RPVP
This is a game that mainly focus on RP yet settles situation via PVP. We will be doing weekly rewards and so on to those who choose to RP over grinding.
Bleach: Las Noches is back under a new name. Come check out Soul Society! Relive the classic. Updating frequently, with two months of history.
Why not give another game a try to keep you occupied for the moment? I am sure that you end up getting addicted to it in the process. Kage: Rise has a brand new and exciting twist to the shinobi world. Are you ready to experience a brand new game with new maps, icons, and code? Come and experience the skills of a ninpo master or a weapons master! Did I forget that you can craft your own items! Wow, I hope to see you in Kage! Please make sure to fan the page