Just a Game

by Kevin208
It's literally just a game.
Lately, I've been putting in small updates to this game every now and then, nothing major. Majority of the work was put to just minor aesthetics rather than something that adds to gameplay. I was hoping that some motivation would encourage more work, otherwise, I've had a non-platformer game in mind that I wanted to make for awhile. (Which will, like literally all my other games, ultimately cancel... probably LOL.) Anyways, I felt like I should ask the REALLY small following of this game rather than going on my own judgement. Thanks to whoever reads this and replies, all comments will be read and hopefully replied to.

Thanks for your time,
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Gavster576 wrote:

Yeah.. no truer words have been spoken.
Go at your own pace man :)
i think the game looks good and you should continue it
I'd Recommend updating the game at your own pace.
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i agree update at your own pace
don't let your dreams be dreams
Yut Put wrote:
dude host it have people play and get motivated by the love of the peoples

I would host if there was anything to do on the game. Like the only thing you can do is like grind to level 20 or something and that even takes a long time, as in there isn't any high level monsters to train on.
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Super Saiyan X wrote:
don't let your dreams be dreams

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Kozuma3 wrote:
Go at your own pace man :)

Eh, my pace fluctuates too much LOL. One day I want to work hard, next couple of days nothing happens, etc. Zzz
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Alienx26 wrote:
i think the game looks good and you should continue it

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np bro keep up with the good work