Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Map of the Seireitei

Bleach Hollow Flash
is an innovative Bleach game, which is normally updated at least once a day.

Feel free
to report any bugs in the game or on the forum.
And above all else, enjoy yourself.

damm howecome the resources take so long to load
don't even say it i'm loading it fast but it reaches 50% than it has no more speed it's like it perm stop's from working.
nice game
if this game isn't going to be hosted any more by a main person then make t atleast hostable for other and make it downloadable.
Damn lot of sever....??
Omg.....don't blame me
A good game, and in my opinion should be listed.
Original game-play and nice story-line.

I'll sponsor this game, and bring even more players into it.

Hub owner, you should mark this game to be reviewed by an admin to be listed.

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Not a bad project. My problems with the game so far: can't move or attack diagonally, Reaching Arrancar requires at least two hollows online, the damage that NPCs do is stupidly high, there is no NPCs in Hueco Mundo and the stats are screwed up and you gain way too much from using skill points. If these issues get fixed then I think this could be a pretty good Bleach game.

Souls instantly respawn after being killed.

Pretty much every release gives a boost to defence and attack yet nothing for rei which means all reiatsu based releases are extremely under powered because not only are there no boosts to reiatsu but also as your reiatsu drains your damage goes down. It's not worth playing this if you have a reiatsu based release so either remake or quit.
The people who state "My Game" when they don't own every thing in it.

I really can't play this game since i got stuff to do but sometime i play it
banned by host cuz i told him stfu cuz his ass friend i mean retarded gay fuck friend in his guild who wouldn't let me even get out of bed after killing me basically tried to get me muted/banned yea okay like most byond games decent but shitty ass retarded staff bias host go die fucknuts
Dwice i feel sorry x.x
Btw you are really mad -nod-
In response to Theng411
Theng411 wrote:
Dwice i feel sorry x.x

who are you?
I'm meant i flet sorry for you that you got ban
In response to Theng411
Theng411 wrote:
I'm meant i flet sorry for you that you got ban

i don't i mean better right when i join after the tard wouldn't lemme to even get started than the retards pull this bullshit later after i got built =/
hmmmm....I know how you feel It's okay you always can play other game
In response to Theng411
Theng411 wrote:
hmmmm....I know how you feel It's okay you always can play other game

oh you make it sound like tons of bleach games that are "worth" playing lol
Yup, ripped game, F-tard owner, and stupid admins.
I say to you owner, Good Game.
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