BYOND Version:N/A (Website Bug)
Operating System:Windows 10 Home
Web Browser:Chrome 51.0.2704.79
Applies to:Website
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
I have tried using the search bar on the forums to attempt to catch up a bit on what I've missed, but when I type something in and hit Enter, the page never loads. I'm unsure of what other information I can provide here, and I'm also unsure if it is an issue on my side - since I cannot run a search, finding out if it is an issue on my side is a bit difficult.

EDIT: It seems to be working now, but takes a good 20-30 seconds to think before finally completing the search.
No the Search lasts 10-15 min for it to load thats how bad it is. Sometimes when I search, I think to myself does lummox even care anymore its like whatever. xD
The database system makes the searches really slow on the forums, it's a known issue that Lummox intends to look at eventually but web work (especially forum work) hasn't been priority.

Best you can do for right now is just wait it out, it'll load eventually.
google. Do a site-specific search. I find what I need more often that way than through the BYOND search.
This is an unfortunate side effect of the database change that was done last year. I haven't found an answer to it yet.
Pm me details of your database setup, (db back end, any frameworks or "solutions" you have setup) and i can help you poke out any easy targets. "search terms"
Would it be possible to include a link to the google search version of the results (and other search engines) inside the results page.

e.g "If this page doesn't show meaningful results, perhaps visit these search engines to continue your search.

Google search for x

Yahoo search for x

Byond searching, powered by google search? Would that be a problem?
This is the #1 reason why I'm largely inactive on the forums currently. There was a period where I didn't have time to be, but when that subsided and I came back, I tried looking up some old posts I had remembered.

Unfortunately, I disagree that web is any less of a priority than the suite itself. This website is the primary point-of-contact and point-of-sale to any potential new BYOND customers. Serving nice food in a shady restaurant that nobody goes to is just as bad as serving bad food in an attractive restaurant that draws customers who won't come back. Just my thoughts, anyway.
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Interestingly enough, bing results for are really spotty. If someone has time they may want to contact bing about that, since the results also impact yahoo and duckduckgo. spberry+pi forum+raspberry+pi

I was just saying maybe include a link to continue the search in google, not necessarily use google search for the whole thing.

Google Custom search could probably work though.





Search engines refine themselves based on algorithms that are additionally tuned by associating browsing history of users and their search history to refine the results.

The reason those search engines are spotty/terrible is a direct result of nobody really using them. (Except grandma and the tech illiterate.)
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Not really relevant but I mostly use duckduckgo because bangs.

It's the laziest way to have every website at your fingertips.

I mostly just use !yt, !spotify, and !g

Instant answers mostly come in handy when I want to find stuff on soundcloud (because that's what their audio results use), but I mostly use it for bangs.

Think AOL keywords, but it can redirect you to any website search imaginable.
AOL keywords