lćk Ħŝŧŕ Mńŧĥ Just thought I'd share the:

Yeah, just thought I'd share the definition of my middle name, "Chikondi". In order to stop you guys from finding out anymore about me or being freaked out by an abnormal name, I'm not going to mention my full name ^^ Just thought you'd be interested to know that I actually have 4 names - I'm african (Nigerian) fyi.

And since it's Black History Month, just thought I'd post for once (yeah I know I leave this place empty) on my blog, which sadly is soon to expire but oh well. So yeah, Chikondi means Love. Share some love for the black people this month! :P Enjoy Black History Month everyone and share the Chikondi worldwide!
Those hand symbols are awesome.
its black history month?

since when?
Black History Month is in February...


In the UK it's in October.
since when?
Yea, represent nigga! (Please, do not take that as racism.)

And the whole hand thing you did is sweet. :D
why should blacks get a whole month devoted to their history.
Why can't you be fucking silent?
silent = clan tag, okay? not an adjective, a group.

why can't you use original insults?
sage nobody likes you

why can't you die?