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The option to place icons that are bigger than the tile size, in a tiled out format, without having to use the tiled map format, would be really helpful.
Not sure if this is already possible. if it is I would appreciate someone telling me how to do it
That kind of defeats the whole purpose of the changes between TOPDOWN and TILED map formats.
how so? i just want certain icons to automatically tile out on a map without being forced to use the tiled map format or having to manually cut it up
It could be like holding a key or a toggle when you place an icon on the map
Why exactly do you need them to be tiled out, though? The whole reason for the update to the TOPDOWN map format was to remove the need for that.
Just for certain icons, like placing a building sprite down in a tiled format would make it easier to make adjustments since you could grab each tile and move them around
I can definitely see the merit there, but I'm unsure the system could actually even do it, as it would be breaking the entire concept of the 'big icon' system -- I'm sure Lummox could provide more details here.
Look at the Layers menu in the map editor. It will allow you to copy/paste chunks of the map using the select menu, only including turfs, objs, mobs, areas, etc. Pasting into the map will cause it to only override the particular types of objects you have selected in the toggled layers.

This is more of less the function you are looking for.

Honestly, I kind of wish that right clicking and dragging created a sort of repeatedly pastable (with left-click) selection that obeyed the insert/override rules obeying the layers.
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i'm not sure that's what i'm looking for. my suggestion is that large icons, which are not in a tiled format, can be placed down in a tiled format like the tiled map format does. this would make rearranging and even changing the variables on certain parts of a large icon easier as you could just do it inside the map editor.
Doesn't really make sense.
he wants a way to place and interact with a single large icon as a single object, then be able to convert it to a tiled object so he can edit parts of the large icon / large object as chunks on the map edit.

So you could say, have 1 big object that is a large building, then remove the east wing by removing those tiled parts of the object.
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If you want tiles, might as well use tiles.

Split the large icon into tiled icon states. The icon editor will do this for you when you copy the large icon, go into a separate icon file, set the size to the tile size, uncheck "Use size from file", and paste it in.

Then, in the map editor, create a separate "palette" map that isn't included in the executable, and use "Generate instances from Icon-states" on your building object.

Place each tile where it should be in the palette map.

Now you can just copy and paste the complete building from the palette map onto the game map and modify it using tiles.
its a hassle to have to remap them if the image is really large otherwise im aware of that