Not sure how many of you have seen the pink psps and ps2s so I thought I'd show you what Sony has planned for Europe ONLY! Here you go:

I'm so getting the pink PS2, don't tell me those aren't pimping consoles! :P Apparently made for girls who aren't exactly interested in gaming and guys who want to touch their feminine side!...That just makes me laugh.

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I think the pink controller would look better if the analogue sticks didn't look so rubbish on them.
Wicked I'm getting a new PSP aswell soon (I'm in UK so wooooooo). That seriously looks so cool.
Yeah I know :D I want that pink PS2 no matter what :D:D:D
No offense but the PS2 is a 6 year old console. =|
Then the Nintendo consoles must be for undeveloped spermcells. =|
I think he meant that it's about 6-years old. Anyone who wanted one already HAS one.(probably)

Why spend money on pink ones if the black ones work just fine?
It doesn't matter how it's the colour that matters! Besides, then I'll have black, silver and pink...
Hah am getting the pink psp