Why does everyone think I know everything?
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Idk .-.
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On Your Account it said "Keeper of the Keys" so i thought u could change it .-.
Ter is byond God
I'm this guy:

LummoxJR is that guy:

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And Im this guy
And I'm this guy.
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I'm fake Hagrid. Flick is real Hagrid.
Well since we're posting pictures of ourselves

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Fugsnarf wrote:

Welp, It looks like a fugsnarf.
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Ok, Ter, Lummox, Or any Mod out there, He's comntinued Spamming Pager's I have screenshots
Its been 2 months since that Game has been down (The one he started talking shit)
And now He logs and My friends game and claims I talked shit and Spammed His Pager.
In response to ISSACK
If someone is spamming you via the pager, your best bet is to block them.
Dang it. I told him I'd reconsider his ban after 2 weeks, and he promised to turn over a new leaf. Once again, I see that lasted all of a few days.
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LordAndrew wrote:
If someone is spamming you via the pager, your best bet is to block them.
That doesn't always work. The kid goes to other peoples and spams their pager. He needs to be banned from Byond permanently. He won't stop. Trust me.
In response to ISSACK
Yes AaronCHandler120 came onto Leo and I's game and was badf mouthing ISSACK , and continued weven after warning .,... then began to swear,curse and just break other rules including Disrespecting Staff , which ISSACK is ... so I personally IP Banned him then he spammed Leo's pager talking shit .. excuse my language ..
I even sent ISSACK screen shots and I believe he is going to upload them here.
In response to Lummox JR
This is screenshot 1:

This is screenshot 2:

And it kinda goes on for a while ......

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 6:

Screenshot 7:

Ban Him: You won't get another complaint about this guy Again unless you decide to UnBan him.

Don't Ban Him: If you dont want this to continue and if you dont He'll log on other and do this sh** and then someone gonna come here and complain and your gonna get mad about to much Complaints, and end up doing something.
In response to The Super Saiyans
Done, Uploaded them.
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