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Have you read this Whole thread from the Begining ? I dont think so, So Please go ahead and do that please.
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ISSACK wrote:
Don't Ban Him: If you dont want this to continue and if you dont He'll log on other and do this sh** and then someone gonna come here and complain and your gonna get mad about to much Complaints, and end up doing something.

I've yet to see someone get banned because people have complained about them via thread or to a moderator. In my experience, I recall people getting banned for a few days before promising to turn a new leaf, and then be at it again. Rinse and repeat. Bans rarely last around here so...
Oh, don't worry; I re-banned him.

Like Tom, I'm willing to allow for the idea that the passage of time might eventually wear some trolls down, and maybe a time will come in the future when I'll reconsider, but it definitely won't be the near future.

I was extremely lenient to let him come back after two weeks, and even that wasn't without its bumpy patches. My hope was that the time-out would sober him up, and he could honestly commit to being better just like he promised. It was a long shot, but I like to believe people can change if they're motivated to. For him, that just wasn't enough.
He won't change, I've dealt with him for a few years. He's been like that ever since I can remember.
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Years ? I've dealt with Since 2014 on that game thats all he's been doing so I decided to do something.
Yes for years. Since 2009.
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This has been handled, topic closed.
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