Dragonball Z: True Warriors

by PoisonWolf
My Game
Dragonball Z: True Warriors

Owners: PoisonWolf
Co-Owners: Johncc
Game Moderators: True_Goku_ALT

Game Creators

Coder(s) - Ragz10, PoisonWolf
Graphics - PoisonWolf
Mapping - PoisonWolf, True_Goku_ALT
Host - Johncc
Iconner(s) -
Forum Designer - PoisonWolf


1.Do not ask for edit, GM, etc.*
2.Do not spam kill the same player more than 3 times within the time-frame!**
3.Do not bring the dragonballs to places they don't belong to, nor into the safe zones!
4.Do not player or GM diss!***
5.Do not abuse any bug!****
6.Do not complain about "lag", since how the server is, please refrain from yelling this in OOC.*****
7.Do keep the caps to minimal!
8.Do not use ANY kind of programs to assist you into training your characters!
9.AFK training is allowed.
10.No invisible icons or matching color icons to the world are allowed.
11.No afk "macroing" or program usage for afk statting.