Probably one of my best signatures ever if you ask me, I just like the way it came out:

All C&C is welcomed, I don't mind taking some bad comments towards my art work, especially text.

New - Added a mosaic version that brings a good touch!

I rather like it, because I've never seen that anime, and it does that style well.
Nvm, that's a Naruto manga =O
Not bad.
Silent Sage wrote:
Not bad.

True >.> Meanie.
you didn't make that, you stole it from me. :(
Elation wrote:
you didn't make that, you stole it from me. :(

epic lie
Well, I like it, alot. The only problem is that if you didn't specify a name, the text would be rather hard to read, unless you looked real well. Maybe enlarging the size of the text a bit would help, not much, just a little.
Yeah well, I didn't want the text to override the render and take away the strength of the siggy, you're probably on a really high resolution. Can't really do much without spoiling the siggy since I had problems just positioning the text itself.

Also just added a mosaic effect version
Looks rather good. Naruto and Sasuke correct?
-.- That's from Goditz's Hub.
Excuse me? Goditz got this render off websites, just like I did. End of that accusation.
Yeah, better not reply >.>
nice job mate JOIN MY GFX FORUM!!!!
That's... not... mosiac...
Yes it is >.> Thanks for the comments.