lmao what the fuck
Don't do it
Don't do what?
That girl. It's not good to cut yourself.
oh she doesn't do it anymore. but i knew about that shes a sadist
Ok Ok Empirez or Nexian Council I didnt hack :/
who are you BlueHammer?
That game Hub, I made it Im going to keep it.
Im IP Banned I cant do that.
I did not hack Leo, when u are a admin on the forum u can edit so gg lol
So you are saying you are ISSACK? BlueHammer619.
then ISSACK you are going to be considered a rioppppwe and you made that hub when you were staff you were appropriaite;y fired , you have no say at this point ... AND your lucky this isn't being taken to higher means you hacking the host and Leo is a federal offense
The Super Saiyans

Why negotiate with someone who is BREAKING A LAW?<
Anger is what u have, What law I broke?
Hacking the host? I didnt hack shit so stfu
hacking our host is one of them
jump off my dick .. you have no right to speak man , your salty because you were fired and 4 people know you have . so
stfu and gtfo .
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