ISSACK, you did hack me. I don't have control over that Hub anymore. You took me off as an admin on the hub.
Bish I told u what i did what a gif of what I did? lol
You hacked into my account and posted on that old hub forum. I showed proof of what you said ON MY account.
Nigga, You fucking want Proof I didnt hack you?
Zemo can barley code what makes u think he can hack. plus zemo is a nice guy he has helped me while I was learning the game and I was there when all this happened
Zemo has you fooled Josh , he can hack but whether
he can code or not is not tf my concern they are two different things and their IS proof so Josh please before chiming in read everything ... and he has done all of this because he was fired for the grimy no good abusive staff he is
Banning from Posting Comments because I'm right is plain loser. Banning Issack from posting comments is plain mad because he is right?
Joshuascr, ISSACK isn't nice. Have you seen what he's done? Also look at the proof on page 1 that I showed. The first image is of his post on the old hub game under MY account.
What proof?
we have proof and four witnesses Josh dont justify his ugly actions SO THERE FORE ISSACK DIDNT HACK YOU
possibly even more witnesses im sure and two different people with proof
if he didn't do it then why is he so worried about this "Council" ... BECAUSE he has something to hide...
so therefor he is very guilty and is not welcome on our games forum or game itself .
and his constant harassment is classified as cyber bullying which is actually an offense as well. so Hacking AND Cyber bullying those who fired him .. i merely see a pissed off child trying to wrongly justify his corrupt choices so please Josh do not end up like him ... his possible proof is very little and thin as ice we have two people with proof he's hacked them AS WELL as proof of his harassment
that isn't even proof.
Issack did not fucking Hack you, Get over it, When the council gets here he'll talk with them, and show proof.
I'm not even doing anything right now on that forum
You just proved I was hacked.
firstly it wasn't me he hacked it was Leo and our host AND we have evidence that shows that so YOU get over it and take this L and step out of this discussion . and secondly why would you protect someone who will turn on you
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