Review 1/22/17
2:15 PM
Rating the game starting with 50 points.

So I logged on the game and started up character creation. I was amazed by the graphics. There wasn't that many hairs but I could go with what was available. Got into the game world and instantly didn't know what to do. I walked around very slowly and didn't know any of the macros.

There is 0 guides on how to actually play the game such as; Macros, Where to start, etc.
The beginning part of the game is the most important its what catches the players for more.
-20 points.

Finally I just started click around, there is a quest button in the hotbar which brings up quests. "Oh look a quest I had no idea I had or what it was about." You had to talk to an NPC who is right in front of you. So I went back to that NPC and had no idea how to talk to them I clicked right clicked checked for any talk verbs. Nothing. I just kept pushing keys till I found the one which talks. After all this its about 25 minutes into the game. Which you have to catch a player within 10 minutes or they usually are out.
-10 points.

So now I played around with the game did a couple quests and then a random compus appeared on my screen and wouldn't let me click anything on the hotbar. I then asked in OOC for assistance of this obvious bug. The Owner, Zagros replied with "Nah its not a bug." I didn't respond right away thinking he was going to say something else to help me but he didn't. So I asked again and got the exact same reply from him. When I tried to speak again I got, "LOL FAGG0T" in one of the boxes for chat every time. So he perma muted me for asking about a bug.

The thing this Owner doesn't understand is if a game is run by a bad Owner who abuses the game will never become good. Another HUGE negative on games are if their owners are bad.
-30 points.

So overall I think this game has potential, but if bugs and the owner doesn't get better. This game wont progress.

-10/50 points.
Recommendation: Avoid the game.
Short version: It's any other BYOND game masked with better graphics.
Not surprised.
His game looks great but I never got the chance to play it. It's still in early alpha stages tho so bugs like these are to be expected AND fixed as soon as possible tho. (Very important)

We need more reviews like these. I'd love if you'd review Kaizoku when it's up for public testing. Would help me understand what needs to be fixed/changed since as developers we sometimes create things without really understanding if a player will be able to go threw it or not.
Sure, I will review Kaizoku when its up for public testing. Just shot me a message when it is.
Its Owners like Zagros who make this community shit. He saw my truthful review deleted it and banned me from posting on it.

A. He doesn't want to own up for stupid actions.

B. He obviously doesn't want the game to progress because I did include some very good insight on his game.

C. He thinks banning me from posting on his Discussion page will mute me from posting my review.

P.S I posted this right after I posted it on his about because I knew this would happen.

If you aren't prepared for reviews on your games and have thin skin, don't make games.
Zagros simply doesn't know how to take constructive criticism.

He's more than likely young and extremely immature based on the "LOL FAGG0T" message displayed when muted. That is not professional behavior by any means.

Honestly, this community as a whole for the most part doesn't know how to act in a mature and professional manner, let alone develop a game properly.

I've never been fond of the kid and I don't have very high expectations from him.
He certainly lacks in the maturity department. Although people shouldn't let that leak to their game... Very unprofessional.
very unprofessional indeed

although my reasoning was i assumed you were one of those annoying trolls so i just decided to sticky mute you with that message.
I told you what was up and you just responded with this game is so buggy
This thread is going exactly where I hoped it would.
Ok guys, Ive played this game for a good while so i think I can give a review on what ive witness so far.

Ill start off with the game having 0 points. Now you may be wondering, "Why 0?" Well 0 could be described the same way as one would if they are asked do you see anything. You know like: No, zero, nada, etc. And since I dont see Age of Magic up but instead this well we are just going to start with -10. Huh? You saying I said 0 first? No No, just thinking of how Age of Magic isnt up made me deduct points already. So yea starting with -50 points. Let the review begin.

So I logged on the game and loud ass music started playing. My parents were sleep at the time and the music woke them up. Because of this I got my laptop taking away for a week. -200 points for that bullshit.

~1 week later *spongebob announcer voice*

So I start back up the game, totally forgetting that the music played but not hearing a thing because my sound was muted. It was late at night and I had some lotion near me....twas a good night. +5 points. So i started the game and it was on the character creation screen right. I looked and saw their was only one hairstyle. Hairstyle looked like someone spit on my characters head. Deadass B. I saw there was no clothing and was depressed I couldnt wear timbs at that moment. So I deadass was heated. -1000 points for no timbs. Once I joined the game I saw a bunch of people in the starting area all with white hair black clothing like a bunch of dirty cotton swaps. I immediately took my clothes off and said fuck that. But then i saw my character had abs but tooth pick legs. -50 points for having the characters skip leg day. After that I went and spoke in ooc saying how everyone is trash and "Ill beat they ass" A mod then told me shut up and inserted my name from another game at the end. This confused me because I didnt remember giving anyone in that game the right to call me by another name from another game. I treat games like they real life. Dont call me out my name. My dad being the real me aint gimme that name so dont be calling me out my name. So I said iight bet. I then read the updates and guides cause I know asking for help on a bleach game on byond is cancerous. I saw that squad 12 byakuya was Op and went it. Long story short it wasnt actually Op. Its pretty fair and I aint about that life. -30000 for shit being fair. I then tried killing the mod who said my other name but turns out his class was more op then mine. I asked owner for a personal race change to that class cause I wanted to be OP too. He ignored me so I went to and found his profile there and posted it to let everyone know he wasnt shit. -100000 points for getting me heated. I then saw it was hella easy to steal the icons from his game tho so not everything was bad. +1 point

Overall bad game to play if you want to be op or wear timbs or even attend leg day. Good to play if you wanna see nice looking graphics.


Oh yayy! Thats my compass library in one of the screenshots LOL! :)
In response to WSHGC
WSHGC wrote:

If a player has to navigate to the forums to learn how to play the game, you're doing it wrong. What AAA game teaches you how to play via a forum post? None.

Well, it's clear you two feel some type of way about Zagros. Something I just don't care enough about to entertain a guy who used just about all of Nin Onlines art, and a guy comparing AAA games to a BYOND game. Catch my drift? Also,

LOL. Clowns.
Are you trying to tell me that just because someone is using the BYOND Engine it is impossible to give players a proper tutorial before they start the game?
In response to WSHGC
WSHGC wrote:
Well, it's clear you two feel some type of way about Zagros. Something I just don't care enough about to entertain a guy who used just about all of Nin Onlines art, and a guy comparing AAA games to a BYOND game. Catch my drift? Also,

LOL. Clowns.

This game uses art from Bleach: Eternity, Bleach: Revolution, and Spirit Age and yet two of these three games had an AAA approach to the games tutorial. You can still try Bleach: Eternity's tutorial as it's open sourced, and still hosted. It's not the best tutorial out there, but it still takes the road of making a proper tutorial so players know the controls and mechanics of the game.
In response to Kidpaddle45
Kidpaddle45 wrote:
Oh yayy! Thats my compass library in one of the screenshots LOL! :)

Is very nice indeed
I never denied the fact it shouldn't have a tutorial in game. It was suggested yesterday to Zagros. Lets not get off on the wrong foot here.

@Lavenblade: Did I say that tho? Or is dem websites you create messin up da brain dawg

Edit: Didn't mean to ignore you D-Cire, buuut hello.
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