why not see what would be involved in supporting tiled as the map editor? then you get a high quality editing interface for "free" (work required to interop not withstanding)
+1 on the fill tool. I dont care about anything else in this thread but the fill tool though, navigating the map editor seems fine. I know the find/replace trick but in some cases the rectangular shape makes it create more work editing it over again to shape rather than just filling what I want. Sorry if I'm reviving a dead thread due to not finding it being rejected somewhere else.
Tiled can export to JSON so if one had time and lots of patience there is probably a way to convert tiled JSON to BYOND dmm https://doc.mapeditor.org/en/stable/reference/ json-map-format/

I'm thinking some of the SS13 gurus would be best placed ;-)
Here's the map editor the whole SS13 community uses: https://github.com/SpaiR/StrongDMM
For some reason StrongDMM will not open my project. It looks good though so I wish it would. I haven't tried any older builds of it but eh..
And also @Jean I appreciate the reply but I don't need tiled. I like the map editor as it is lol it just makes sense to have a fill tool really.
The map editor has only gotten worse since this post was originally made and it sounds like labyrinthine spaghetti code on the backend.

At this point it might be easier to just build in native map handling so that we can build our own map editing tools inside DM itself without the fear of something like DMM Suite or Swapmaps corrupting everything we build, plus all of the inefficiencies that come with solutions like that. My own in-game mapping solution is already nicer to work with than BYOND's built in editor, but the weak link is definitely how maps are saved and loaded.

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