But do they know what he was singing when he ate it? I think not! :)

And Grahf, you misunderstand me. I don't hate metal, I actually am quite fond of some of it. Metallica is one of the ones I hate because of harsh, grainy vocals that detract from the experience.
grahf, Metal is a branch in rock. Its still rock. And i said they sold 90 mil + cuase this post is talking about most known, thats alot of god damn albums. And, Gordon, thorg basically just destroyed your whole idea. There are tons of songs that are well known. Happy birthday, which thorg listed, i could name a few but im tired from wrestling, so im going to go take a nap now.
No, Thorg did not. Thorg named one hugely known song. He has yet to name any others by her.
Sublime > Metallica~
no way xeal :P. Not by a long shot
Knifo wrote:
no way xeal :P. Not by a long shot

You have no say in this, you listen to Metallica for god sakes.
and you listen to sublime. Niether do you.
Knifo wrote:
and you listen to sublime. Niether do you.

Unlike Metallica, Sublime is actually good. I win.
Knifo, it isn't a branch of Rock: Death Metal and Black Metal stand on their own and your opinion on the matter won't change that fact. If you analyze the composition and structure of the better bands you'll realize that it's more like Classical than anything else. The themes and motifs behind metal are reminiscent of the Romanticist era.

Rock is usually empty and anthem-like, whereas, Metal is a narrative about nature, an epic battle, the past, the detestation of mass manipulation, eco-fascism, etc.

Rock is only worth mentioning in genealogy of music and other than that, it is pretty insignificant when it comes to Metal.

Do some research; research isn't looking at one page on the internet and siding with their opionion. Look at it in depth.

This is exactly why schools should have a mandatory music class that properly addresses the subject.
Ddduuddee I was like totally watching this movie stuff in my class and like these kids from like Uganda like knew who Fifty Cent was.
Good point Xeal. Metallica sucks. :]
There's no way that a band like Metallica is known around the world as much as something like Queen. This if for one reason and one reason only, Queen is a much more general music, when applied to sports it transcends generations and races. Metallica on the other hand is specific to western audiences who are accustomed to harder rock noises.
Some young people still listen to Queen, I listen to them mostly due to the fact that my dad was a big fan and loves the music, its sort of been burrowed into me, and he's 60.

Beatles were famous too, but I don't think its quite as universal, Queen is liked by many people who don't have English as a first language, or even as any language. Queen is one of those bands that you could shout out in Japan or Turkey and still get a response.
Queen was pretty global as no doubt the lead singer Farrokh Bulsara, also known as Freddy Mercury would tell you. He was born and grew up in Zanzibar.
But beyond being global, their songs are known even by people that dont' listen to the same genre.
wow I have been really nasty today i need to chill out

*deletes his last comment* =/
Nuuu Elation, don't give in to the dark side! :)
Actually, Metallica got there influence from eurpean bands. But, you cant prove that queen is the most recognisable band, you just cant. Its like me saying pizza is the most liked food in the world.
Except I dont' need to. It's already blatantly obvious to anyone who isn't biased or an idiot. And again, you're saying most recognised band, which is completely different from what I'm saying. Either get some reading comprehension or get out of my topic.
okay, no knifo. its more like pizza is the most recognized food in the world, topping wise. it has pepperoni, plain cheese, sausage, mushrooms, and more!
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