Castle Rebirth

by Evi of au
Abra's Castle, modernized.
When I tried to revisit my childhood and play some castle, I realized, while still a great game, its a little dated. I decided that I am going to be revamping the beloved BYOND classic, to better use some of BYONDs newerish features.

Im a terrible writer, soo.... features:

- Updates Graphics (tometik)
- Moar Huds
- Music
- higher fps, better view, smoother movement
- tooltips, healthbars
- other stuff too

And some pics:

OLD: castleoriginal.png?dl=0
REBIRTH: castlerebirth.png?dl=0

Lots more to come, and if youve always been a fan of castle, stop by and play a few rounds. Theres is usually a server being hosted by myself or my brother (key: Dilbon).

im now interested
Love the shadows :)
I loved this game! Some of my favorite TD and Castle games by abra was always a fun time
Definitely keep working on the rebirth. ;)

I'm also working on bringing back an old classic of mine that was never completely finished, but did see release. I will make sure it happens too.
Oo yes, let me know when it's stable! Keen to host this for you, free of charge of course.