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Woo Engine
Make your own game! No coding required. Just add your own map!

RPG adventure movement, new atom commands, and extra blobs!

Woo Engine v.0.2
This update includes more visual appeal, plus musical appeal, thanks to a tune by David Vitas.

Also, atom commands have come along significantly, with many commands for entering new zones brought out into the open (instead of being manually added inside the teleports). Now it is easy to access the following commands, as they each have a defined obj for easy access:
  • Change client state to "move", "jump", or "menu".
  • Play music (or stop music) for all nearby players.
  • Player start location.
There are also many more turfs defined and available, divided into sideview and topview categories. Also, the firepit was added to showcase how window color, size, and position can be modified. And, of course, so many blobs! There are enemy blobs, friendly blobs, and you can even play a blob! Items can be found around, and give a gleeful pickup sound. Also, blobs and fires can squish and consume you, respectively! If they do, you'll find yourself back at the title screen.

The goal of Woo Engine is to make it easier for developers to create games in BYOND. This project is made possible by creators like you! Want to help out a BYOND library developer? You can! Become a patron to pledge your support!

Thank you for your help and interest!

Your Adventuring Companion,

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