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New health and inventory heads-up display!

Woo Engine v.0.3
This update includes a new heads-up display (HUD) for health and inventory! Now you can see what items you have collected. There is currently a limit of 9 items in the inventory. More inventory management will be addressed in the next update.

Also, the icon change commands have been brought out into the open, and are available as command objects in the object tree while mapping.

There has been a lot of work under the hood to prepare for future updates. This mainly involves the addition of atom "pages", which allow the atom to have various triggers depending on its conditions, and resulting in different commands when triggered, depending on the atom's active page. In future updates, this work will allow for more variation in the ways atoms can interact with the player. (For example, prior to completing a quest, a mob may give instructions for the quest, and on condition of how the quest is completed, the atom may then either open a locked door that contains a gift, or attack the player.) Such examples will become easier to implement in a greater variety of ways, once the pages with their conditions, triggers, and commands are all able to be activated based on the atom's page.

The goal of Woo Engine is to make it easier for developers to create games in BYOND. This project is made possible by creators like you! Want to help out a BYOND library developer? You can! Become a patron to pledge your support!

Thank you for your help and interest!

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