Crowd Simulation

by Orange55
Wanna see hundreds of units fight each other to the death?
Hello to all my fellow hobbyists,

I've optimized the source code to this demonstration, the simulation now handles about 1K units fighting at a time without lag.

Basically, I tossed out BYOND's movement system in favor of manual translations, which sped it up quite a bit.

The crowd sim is pretty fun to toy with: I've released the source code, so anyone should be able to download it as a zip and edit it.

Bear in mind, the code is not commented - use it at your own risk
It bothers me that you use goto instead of a more common infinite loop structure like while(TRUE) or an empty for().

It also bothers me whenever someone uses spawn() as if it doesn't take a block. It really shouldn't affect the next line if the next line isn't indented.
// This makes sense:
spawn(time) spawned_code_here


// This doesn't make sense:
In response to Kaiochao
Different programmers prefer different things. I personally couldn't care less about the style code is written in as long as I can read it. but if you want, feel free to change it and re-release it under a specific style guide that you prefer.