Hello BYOND community. Xuiryus here, through a strange coincidence I just happen to check BYOND today and realized it's the 10 year anniversary of when Sunday the 19th was released.

In an even stranger twist of fate, I actually spoke with Eviler again for the first time in around 5 years.

Even stranger we managed to dig out the old source files for Sunday the 19th and got it compiled and put up a working zip file so now you can go back to a time when you could dress up as your favorite movie villains/predator and smash people in the face with Captain America's shield!

Have fun everyone and enjoy :)
Ow yeah!
We're looking to have it hosted again 24/7, so I'll be playing some more!
Fucking beautiful. Havnt played this game in YEARS!!!
One of the best games to ever exist on BYOND, too! \o/
What a brutally fun game, especially painful when you were the one to be sacraficed for your weight in limbs