GUI Handler - NPC Dialogue

by Aiota
A small library that shows how to handle dialogue trees using GUI Handler.
Compiled on BYOND 512.1477.

Required libraries:
GUI Handler

NPC Dialogue is a plug-and-play addition to the base GUI Handler library to allow easy and organized dialogue trees.

On-screen dialogue boxes and choices
On-screen scrolling text
New procs that display dialogue based on player conditions
Dialogue 'Cursors.dmi': cannot find file
Oops, sorry about that. I had clean compiled the core GUI Handler library and it took out the Cursors.dmi file. I uploaded a fixed source so it should work now if you update the GUI Handler library.
runtime error: undefined variable /Menu/Table/var/GFXs
proc name: New (/Menu/Table/Cell/GFX/New)
source file: Interface,226
usr: NSBR (/mob)
src: GFX (/Menu/Table/Cell/GFX)
usr.loc: the g (41,100,1) (/turf/g)
src.loc: null
call stack:
GFX (/Menu/Table/Cell/GFX): New("SCROLL_UP", Table (/Menu/Table), /icon (/icon), 345, 316)
Table (/Menu/Table): NewIcons(/list (/list))
NSBR (/client): CreateScrollMenu()
runtime error: Cannot modify null.Width.
proc name: CreateScrollMenu (/client/verb/CreateScrollMenu)
source file: Scrolling,27
usr: NSBR (/mob)
src: NSBR (/client)
usr.loc: the g (41,100,1) (/turf/g)
call stack:
NSBR (/client): CreateScrollMenu()