Yo, just thought I'd share a story I write in my spare time/when I'm bored lol it's called "Divine Mirrors". Enjoy the first part:

Part 1 - Destined To Fight

Light imbursted itself through the dark clouds as day arose. Traiken was outside, looking deeply into the sky on the damp bench. It seemed as though a memory was running through his mind, one that had been taunting him for a while. "With your father's strength and your mother's courage, only you, Traiken, can defeat him. With the power of Time and with the power of Magic, only you can rid all worlds of the horror! It's your destiny."

He sighed, picking himself up. His denim jeans, black Nike top and black leather coat swaying heavily in the cool, breezy air. He had been up for 2 hours and it was currently 7am. His clothes were soaked from the rain. He felt cold. The same feeling his had ever since he was a baby. He walked slowly to his house, rain dropping from his spiky black hair. As he entered, he headed straight for his room and changed his clothes. He had a scheduled meeting with Katan soon and knew it would be risky for him to miss it. It was risky to miss anything.

He took a taxi to the appointed meeting location, a small cafe quite far away from his house. As he entered, he looked suspiciously in all directions incase Lucifer had decided to track him again. Lucifer never gave up. It didn't take him long to find Katan, sat in the back of the cafe with more of his casual clothes on. He had an expensive red top on with black trousers. He had his usual Lonsdale sweatshirt on.

Traiken sighed as he approached Katan, "You sure do overdo it. Does everything you have in your closet have a huge price tag? You'd think someone with your personality wouldn't bother with such style of clothing." Katan was asian with black hair containing tips of red at the top and dark green eyes. Girls were often attracted to him but he seemed to ignore their glances. He didn't seem to care about emotions anymore. He'd felt too much hurt from his past. Even with all this, Katan was able to charm anyone with his incredible sense of humour and ability to enjoy himself at times.

"That's coming from you? Those clothes look expensive...and new. Besides, I have you in my closet. You're not expensive at all." Katan let out a childish chuckle while pointing towards Traiken's red top and stylish black trousers. Traiken had also put on a black McKenzie sweatshirt. "These were bargains! I ordered them off the net." Traiken's face changed its expression, a serious look emerging. "I've checked the area. It's been 4 months since our last meeting with him. I think his finally got off us, especially if he hasn't sent anyone to check up on us so far." Traiken said while someone came over to ask for their order.

"What would you like to have gents? the waiter asked. She was holding a paper and pen in her hands, white t-shirt complimented by the blue tie and a long skirt. Something in her eyes alerted Traiken, he ignored it. "I'll have a cup of tea with a breakfast fry up." Traiken replied with a smile. "Same here, darling." Katan added. "Ok then, I'll be back with the soon with the food." The waiter began to walk off, taking one glance back at Katan and Traiken. Her eyes flashed red momentarily; it seemed to be such a lucky meeting...

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