Lego Skillbar

by Legobumb
Basic HUD-style skillbar
I wanted to make a HUD-style skillbar for use in my games, primarily to get away from using BYOND's verb/command style UI offered via the info element (aka stat panels). This demo uses inspiration from my Lego Bag demo to handle skill movement on/off the skillbar.

How To Use
You can move skills from the stat panel, onto the skillbar via drag & drop. You can empty a skillbar slot by right-clicking the slot, or use the skill in that slot by left-clicking it. This demo fully supports moving skills around on the skillbar as well via drag & drop. Skills on cooldown will be incapable of being moved around or de-slotted (similar to most ORPGs in existence).

Included Features
- Simple saving/loading system
- Simple overlay/underlay handling system
- Simple stat system (taken from Lego Stats)
- Simple skill system
-> A few simple VFX on the skillbar itself when interacting with skills
-> Cooldown meters for the skills after usage
-> Casting meters for the castable skills

- Also just noticed that I never finished the useSkill() verb or macro'ing the 1 - 4 keys. Way to go, me. Fixed.

- Noticed that my demo toggle-able skill wasn't doing a cooldown meter. Fixed it.

- Removed the file (moved its code into the file)
- Added a casting meter for castable skills

- I made an oopsie when uploading the source files and had to fix it.

- Initial release