Poll: Let me Host Bleach Hollow Flash?

Yes 57% (28)
No 42% (21)

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Get off my lawn
In response to DragonWingRayne
would play, best bleach game
Yo not sure whats delaying him, Does he need programmers? I run a pokemon game my team has 2 programmers that I can have work on the project. Does he need money to host? We can donate? Does he just want someone to host? I can do that. I just dont know what delaying him but loved the game, loved the community, respected Kuro. So hopefully it comes back
In response to Tavren
needs better admins, needs better training, remove npc scaling... makes people who made hollows with weak players on, then a strong player on impossible to devour
He has a community that would help him out in every way. So idk what the delay is.... I wish he'd give us something
In response to DragonWingRayne
so you on byond but dont want to host your game. Let other people host since your being moody
In response to DragonWingRayne
Im the best BHF player ever btw - No Shade -
you're not
Yo let us host
In response to Catamount33
How am I not the best Iím the reason why arrancars got nerfed with loneliness+fire rei -kaneki
Bad owner, wouldn't play
Spent all my son's birthday money for a mask just to get moped by the host's brother.

Highly recommend
In response to Kozuma3
I have no idea what that means.
In response to DragonWingRayne
you reading everyone wants the game why are u not hosting anymore?
i really dont know why he isnt hosting...