Dragon Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_Z
A limitless sandbox— with roots derived from the classic hit series: 'Dragon Ball Z'— the game is a blend of high-paced combat and strategic maneuvering. PVP Discord: https://discord.gg/pyzgxEY ll Roleplay Discord: https://discord.gg/dAhXWC4
A limitless sandbox, with roots derived from the classic hit series: 'Dragon Ball Z', the game is a blend of high-paced combat and strategic maneuvering. Whether it be ascending to the throne as the first Super Saiyan, calling on the Dragon Balls, or even achieving peak Ultra Instinct, players can freely decide their fate.

You can choose from a dozen of races ranging from Saiyans, Bio-Androids, Humans— and even Demigods. Rise to the challenge, clash with other players in a battle of both skill and builds, inflate your power level through RPG Mechanics, and set the tone for others.

With the foundation built from simple, easy-to-learn controls and 2D graphics, they build the way for free-flowing and fast-paced combat.

From iconic techniques like the Kamehameha— to the Hundred Crack Fist, players can rightfully achieve over a centennial number of skills. Melee combat, wrestling throws, Ki-oriented blasts & beams, etc.

May the best man win as you're pitted against players and vie for the; every man competing against another. However, that doesn't mean you can't team up with select others to achieve shared interests.

Increase your power levels through RPG-like mechanics provided in the game. Higher power levels indicating higher strength. However, that doesn't mean that skill and stat-builds don't play a factor. Experiment with new techniques, new ideas, and carve yourself as one of the best.

Whether Saiyan or Human, the game is inspired purely off of Dragon Ball Z, elements from the show demonstrated in-game.

And of course, have fun!

Join the discord for more info: https://discord.gg/pyzgxEY

Looking for roleplay? Join the RP Discord:

New to the game? Join the official guide server:

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Lizard people are best race.
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FighterZee wrote:
Lizard people are best race.

i agree!
So tens still gone?
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best game in the world !
Worst game. Don't even follow their own rules. Doesn't rp and kills. Worst game.
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You played the PVP server.
how do i make my own server?
Hey, I remember having a link for the files a couple of years ago, but I lost it. Does it still available for offline build testing or for server hosting?
Man... Haven't seen this in ages..

Too bad the rp servers no longer exist