It says:

loading 2050 Anarchy.dme
2050 Anarchy.dme:17:error: missing expression

2050 Anarchy.dmb - 1 error, 0 warnings (double-click on an error to jump to it)

And there is nothing else that needs to be included, im lost....

~ Master_Damien
*cough* Show us the line of error please, so we can correct you, otherwise move this to Newbie Central. Code Problems are for people who supply a code, and have a problem.
In response to Evil Incarnate Inc
There is no line... it's blank it's in the dme file!
The error is actually on the last line of the DM file that is included just before the line of the error. Hopefully that sentence made sense. =D

So if this happens:

<code>#include "" //ERROR ON THIS LINE</code>

...then the error is actually at the very end of