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An option to increase the maximum ram limit from 2gb to 3gb.

I am having troubles compiling my game, it seems I've hit the 2gb ram limit and the compiler crashes and closes everything after compiling intermittently. I made a post about this earlier and it was concluded that I reached the ram limit.
I don't think ram is your issue, SS13 compiles fine and it's more massive than any other project I imagine.
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I've run into the same problem Zagros describes as well.

If you have a couple of larger icons open (say, at least, 140x140 size, multiple states) as well as a couple of larger .dm files, your memory usage on compile can skyrocket. Dream Maker has a built in "Screw this, I'm out" ceiling at around 2GB of RAM usage, at which point it'll close itself.
It's because BYOND is a 32-bit program. Short of starting from scratch, there's nothing anyone can do about it.
uncheck show icons in the object tab, also uncheck show all nodes.

should fix it.

Could also use the command line DM program to compile it.