Naruto: Rogue

by Grand J
Naruto: Rogue
Naruto: Rogue, one of the most innovative and stylish naruto game on byond! Execute handseal combinations to perform Jutsu! Also explore a vast world filled with adventure and mystery! Come in and join the action!
If you were to, you could definitely count me on. Despite taking my time to code my game, I would DEFINITELY put the project on hold for a day or two to just jump right back into it. That's how I miss this game.
I would play that shit probably. I don't know these days if I can keep up but back when I was a boss at keying in these jutsu
This game is the reason why i got into byond i love the unique system for ninjutsu i just wish the training was faster, takes forever
Honestly I would jump on in seconds, next time its live PLEASE text me *i know its stupid to put your number online, but this game is def worth it* 416-300-9497, Honestly if you still had the old source code from like 2012, with the original jutsu combinations/list I would even pay you for it.
Open the game back up.
I'm upgrading my pc this weekend. I'll post game up once it is up to date so around monday-tuesday
March 29th-30th 2021