Raycasting 3D Maze

by Kozuma3
My raycaster thing o-o
Raycasting Created by Kozuma3

I love it
In response to Magicsofa
Magicsofa wrote:
I love it

Thank you :D
I was thinking, you could reduce CPU usage by making a lookup table for all those trig calculations? For example here:

            for(i = (ANG-ARC) to (ANG+ARC))
X = round(sin(i),0.01)
Y = round(cos(i),0.01)

you could have a list of sin and cos results for all 360 possible angles (or was it including non-integer angles?)

and here:

var X = sin(angle) * speed
var Y = cos(angle) * speed

Why not calculate DX and DY only when the player turns, then only addition is needed for each step?
I've just updated the source.
I went through it and renamed everything and cleaned it up for others to look at.

[edit] Also the StepForward() isn't used, just left it in.