Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
Just wanted to post in case any admin were to check, but the server has been down for many hours and I just wanted to make the be known. Hopefully its nothing to bad.
Dang I was just getting back into it tough because I wanted to see all the changes since I haven't been around since 2011. Hope all is well.
The host Moo might have a damaged video card on his system from what battlemaster had mentioned to me earlier today. Not sure how long it will be, but hope all is well.
damn thats tuff, i got some cash on it XD
Hopefully it will be back up soon, but it does suck to have expenses on pc parts when things go bad. Just want to make a strong solo wizard :)
i spent the last 3 years looking for a good used budget desktop i know the pain :(
Anyone hear any news? Im fiending for SoE crack :(
Heres hoping it comes up sometime soon!
Not sure if people still check on this or not, but hopefully this comes back up ... I'd love to reconnect with a lot of people.

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