I was probably going to go for a different title that alluded to today's bitter cold snap, but not too long ago I hit my foot against the bathroom doorframe pretty hard and I'm very concerned about the possibility of that triggering a flare. I really, really hope I'm wrong about that.

This week I put out some maintenance releases for 513, including yesterday's release of 513.1542 which I expect is the last release before 514. This included a pretty big number of fixes in 1540, followed by a quick release of 1541 because there was a weird maptext bug that escaped the nets, and then yesterday I wanted to shore up some issues with findtext() and replacetext() that showed up.

My original plan for 514 was to have it out in January, which would've meant yesterday to avoid the Friday curse. (And a Friday big-new-beta-version curse is much worse!) But the timeframe felt too tight and I'm still buttoning up some last-minute stuff. My new plan as of last night was to shore up all those things tonight, maybe also over the weekend, and release Monday. With the status of my foot now a big question mark, I'm hoping I can stick to that but we'll see. If there are any delays beyond Monday I don't expect them to be huge ones.

So yes, 514 is basically almost here, and the items still on my list are quite small so the only holdups I expect are medical, which hopefully I'm wrong about expecting. Wish me luck.

Again I want to thank everyone who came out to support BYOND via Membership or donation platforms this month. I'm thankful for all you to do keep development going and I'm gonna reward that very soon with some awesome features. Here's a short list of what you made possible:
  • := operator (id:2534755)
  • ||= and &&= operators (id:2571455)
  • ?[] conditional list access operator (id:2411099)
  • time2text() with time zones (id:2572752)
  • world.movement_mode (id:2546225)
  • Particle systems
  • Bloom filter
  • Mouse macros
  • Embedded winget improvements
  • world.map_cpu (id:2197174)
  • splicetext() and list.Splice() (id:2646687)
  • rgb() upgrade with color spaces
  • rgb2num()
  • gradient() (interpolate between colors)
  • Color spaces for animation
  • Improved browse_rsc() behavior
  • load_resource() (id:2648436)
Sharpen your typing fingers! (Wait, that sounds gross. Don't do that.) It's time to get ready for the new feature set, because it's gonna be a good one.