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Laser50 wrote:
BUT. SS13 will very very slowly start its shift to SS14, which is basically the same game but rewritten into the Unity Engine. Which, if successful, people will flock to play rather than this version.
The reasons should be clear to most.. More functionality, better performance (for sure, performance was and still is a problem with BYOND) and just easier to get into.

Unfortunately the performance of BYOND will always be bottlenecked by latency, at least to some degree.

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He meant unitystation. I think that both SS14 and unity station, even if relatively successful, will never be as popular as the DM version. DMs ease of use is one of its' best features. SS14 also has a few issues besides that, for example non/pseudo-tile movement looks very odd with SS13's art-style even if more smooth. Only time will tell though, byond does have pretty large groups of players in non-SS13 games. Lummox has been pretty commited, so some of our issues we have with it will lessen over time.
The latency bottleneck that gives BYOND games their signature jank will never be solved, though- unless we get the ability to run code on the client and do things like rubberbanding.
My byond game doesn't have any jank tho ...
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